The Women Behind the Name

Alice Irene’s Restaurant and Bakery in Marionville opened up almost 13 years ago, on April 17th, 2006. There may be a lot of people who wonder where the the owners, Curtis and Margaret Wells, and Brad and Amanda Wells, came from and what made them decide to take on the task of owning and operating a 100 seat restaurant. Still others may wonder how they chose the name for this Family Owned Business.
It is undeniable that their ties to this area run deep. This is the main reason it made so much since for the family to pick this location to open a restaurant.
Curtis Wells was raised in Marionville and his mother was Fern (Bradley) Irene Wells. Grandma Wells, as Fern was fondly referred to by her loved ones, was born May 25, 1920 and passed away February 1, 2009 at almost 89 years of age. Fern and her husband Hubert had six children. She was a faithful member of Buck Prairie Baptist Church for over 65 years.
Through the years, Fern’s grandson Bradley soaked up all kinds of knowledge about cooking and the love of food from his grandmother. Fern’s memory lives on in the lives of those she loved. The family will never forget her hugs, her smiles or her loving heart. The family will also never forget the love she put into every family meal she ever prepared, from her Mac-n-Cheese to her Apple Pies.
Margaret Wells was raised in Hurley and her mother is Mabel (Thomas) Alice Redwing. Mabel is approaching her 91st Birthday, on May 1st. Mabel Alice may not be seen as often as she used too, but on occasion you will still find her in her rocking chair beside the bakery case. Over the years she spent many hours running the cash register. She has also poured many cups of coffee to appreciative customers. She is an inspiration and a blessing to all of her family.
The family chose to name the restaurant in honor of these two very special ladies. Both of these women have made an impact on the lives of those in their families and those who have had the privilege of knowing them over the years.
There are a lot of reasons to visit Alice Irene’s Restaurant in Marionville. The food is delicious and affordable. The atmosphere is family friendly and smoke free. They offer lunch buffets Monday through Friday and they go all out on their Saturday Breakfast Buffets. They have banquet facilities for up to 50 people and love to cater private events.
Regardless what draws you through the doors of Alice Irene’s the owners truly hope their commitment to their faith, family and community will bring you back again and again.